Chapter 8

Question Answer
BMI Calculation from persons weight and height to determine risks for health problems
Under weight bmi 18.5 and lower
Normal bmi 18.5-24.9
Overweight bmi 25-29.9
Obese 30-40
Obesity rate of American adults 33%
Successful weight loss Change in life style Working outConstistancy
Dietary factors yo obesity worldwide Fast foods are easyAdsBigger portions
Percentage of out daily calories come from snacks and sweets 33
What racial ethnic group has the lowest percentage of overweight Asian
Factors related to lifestyle that influence body weight – ads- jobs- location -eating habits
Factors related to hereditary that influence body weight -genetics- gender- body size and fat storage
Why do women tend to burn fewer calories than men? Fat storage For reproduction
Percentage of people who try dieting and regain their weight within 2 years -75%-don't maintain lifestyle change
Yo-yo dieting Series of diets followed by weight gain
Positive caloric balance Amount of calories consumed in food -exceeds the amount of calories expended from weight physical activity and metabolism
Issues related to taking prescription drugs to lose weight Effects- poop discharge- gain weight back when off
Eating disorder Long lasting disturbed patterns of eating dieting and psychological
Anorexia nervosa Deliberate food restriction – chronic eating disorder – life threatening weight loss- body stains everything from anywhere since mo food ( not getting essential nutrients
Bulimia nervosa Purging ,Laxative use But continuous eating but don't want to gain weight
Body dysmorphic disorder Unrealistic and negative self perception A person becomes obsessed with a physical "defect" – example : body shape or nose
Binge Eating Binge eating but no purging or abuse of laxatives exercise or fasting
EDNOS (Eating disorder not other wise specified ) Eating disorder not other wise specified – does not meet criteria for any eating disorder
BMR. ( basal metabolic rate Rate of energy use, dictated by your body's collective metabolic activities

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