chapter 6 chap test chapter test

Question Answer
Scientist can tell how closely related organisms are by comparing their _________________ dna
Dog genes and proteins closely resemble a ______________ wolf
To test your hypothesis about how distantly related 2 species are you would test the dna
earth's current era is ______________- cenzoic era
all the following are evidence to evolution in species are homologous structures, analogous structures, vestigial structures
Eons are the ____________ periods of time on the ___________ ______________ longest, geologic scale
Homologous structures indicated the two or more species might share __________________ ancestors common
any variation that make up an organism better suited to its enviornment adaptation
3 positive results of a variation within a population that occur due to natural selection I can live longer, Compete better, Reproduce more
_____________ may aid in fossils formation scavengers
Charles Darwin was an ____________ naturalist English
The further back in time 2 species diverge the ______________ similar the are. less
in __________ layers, the _____________ rocks are located on the ___________ rock, oldest, bottom
Earth's history is divided into __________ eons 4
3 categories of adaptations structural behavioral functional
structural adaptation involves color shape and other physical characteristics
behavioral the way an organism behaves or acts
functional involves internal body systems that affect biochemistry

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