Chapter 46-47

Question Answer
Agar Gelatin type material derived from seaweed
Alginate Irreversible hydrocollid material used for taking impressions
Base Foundation or basic ingredients of a material
Border mouldings Process of using a finger pressure to contour a closer adaptation of the margin of an impression
Catalyst Substance that modified or increases the rate of chemical reaction
Centric Having an object centred
Colloid Suspension of particals in a dispersion medium such as water
Elastometric Material having elastic properties from rubber
Hydro Water
Imbibition Absorption of water
Syneresis Loss of water
Tempering Bring material to desired consistency
Crystallization Chemical process in which crystals from a structure
Dihydrate Related to gypsum product and indicating 2 parts water to 1 part of calcium sulfate
Dimensionally stable Resistant to change in width height length
Face bow Used to measure the upper teeth compared with the tmj
Gypsum Material used in formation of plaster of Paris and stone
Homogeneous Having consistency through out
Lathe Machine used for cutting and polishing dental appliances
Model Replica of maxillary and mandible arches from impressions
Monomer A molecule that when combined with other molecules forms a polymer
Polymer Compound of many molecules
Volatile Substance that very explosive
Slurry Mixture of gypsum and water used in the finishing of models

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