Chapter 3 Understanding Prefixes

Term Definition
a- without, absence of
ab- away from
bi- two
endo- within
hyper- excessive, abnormally high, above
hypo- deficient, abnormally low, below
intra- within
post- to follow after
pre- to come before
sub- under, beneath, below
con- with, together, or jointly
contra- counter or against
meta- after or change
ambi- both
mono- one
nulli- none
poly- excessive, over, or many
quadri- four
tetra- four
tri- three
ana- up, toward
ante- before
dia- through
ecto- outside, out
exo- outside, away from
infer- below
para- alongside, abnormal
pre- to come before
syn- together, joined
brady- slow
circum- around
dys- bad, abnormal, painful, or difficult
hyper- excessive, abnormally high, above
mal- bad
megalo- large, great
neo- new
pseudo- false
trans- through, across, or beyond
ultra- beyond normal

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