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Question Answer
laborer who agrees to work without pay for a certain period of time in exchange for passage to America indentured servants
The first group of 20 ________ arrived in 1619 aboard a Dutch trading vessel. Africans
Charles I, gave Calvert a proprietary colony north of Virginia. Soon after receiving this grant, Calvert died. His son, _________, inherited the colony and named it ________. Cecilius and Maryland
a list of fundamental laws to support a government constitution
Many westerners also resented __________ pledge to stay out of Native American territory. Berkeley's
His army also marched to _________to drive out Berkeley, and they burned the town to the ground. Jamestown
The indigofera plant, often called just indigo, was used to make indigo dye indigo
Carolina became two _____ colonies—North Carolina and South Carolina. royal
Georgia, founded in 1733, was the last British colony set up in _______. America
person or country that owns money debtors
Religious _________ from Central Europe and a small group of Jews also arrived. refugees
Disappointed with the colony's slow growth, he gave up and turned Georgia over to the king in ____. 1751
dominate to control
large area of land that has one owner estate
Who wrote the Constitution? John Locke

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