chapter 3 lesson 4

Question Answer
Why did demand for enslaved workers increase in the Carolinas? Growing rice required much labor, and the demand for slave labor rose.
Examine the terms below. Write a sentence explaining what the terms have in common.a. indentured servant b. debtor both have something to do with money.
Why did George Calvert establish the colony of Maryland? Calvert wanted a safe place for his fellow Catholics who faced persecution in England.
laborer who agrees to work without pay for a certain period of time in exchange for passage to America indentured servant
large area of land that has one owner estates
to control dominate
Why did Nathaniel Bacon oppose the colonial government? because it was dominated by easterners.
a list of fundamental laws to support a government constitution
The indigofera plant, often called just indigo, was used to make indigo dye indigo
person or country that owes money debtor
Why was Georgia founded? The British hoped Georgia would block any Spanish attack on the colonies from Florida.
What factors contributed to the growth of the Carolina's? The king gave the colony to eight nobles. The proprietors set up estates and sold or rented land to settlers brought from England.
at what year did bacon lead the attack to the native american villages? 1676
who wrote the constitution for the carolina's? john Locke
how long have the British been in eastern North America? about 150 years

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