chapter 3 lesson 4

Question Answer
When did the first 20 Africans arrive in North America? 1619
What was the colony renamed? Maryland
Who inherited the colony after George Calvert died? His son, Cecilius.
What two men mapped the boundary between the colonies? Charles Mason and Jeremiah Dixon
Who opposed the colonial government? Nathaniel Bacon
Define Constitution. A list of fundamental laws to support a government
What was the last British colony set up in America? Georgia.
Define Debtors. Person or country that owes money
Define Indentured Servant? Laborer who agrees to work without pay for a certain period of time in exchange for passage to America.
What did settlements do in Charles Town? They traded deerskin, lumber and beef thrived
What did they sell in Northern California? Tabacco
What settlers had arrived in Pennslyvania? English, Welsh, Irish, Dutch, and German.
The country separated into another colony known as… Delaware
Define Dominate To control
In 1663 what colony did king II create? Calorina.

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