Chapter 3 lesson 4 .

Question Answer Marked the beginning of English colonization in North America and of the Virginia Colony. m The settlement of Jamestown What came in 1619? The first group of 20 Africans Many people also came to the colonies to pay for their passage to America, they agreed to work without pay for a certain length of time. Indentured servants Cecilius gave large ****** to English aristocrats Estates What did Mr. Bacon do 1676 led attacks on Native American villages. A list of fundamental laws to support a government constitution Inherited the colony after his father George Calvert died… His son, Cecilius Dominate To control a list of fundamental laws to support a government constitution The *****fera plant, often called just *******, was used to make ***** dye indigo What did they sell in California? Tabacco What year did Cecilius's brothers reach America? 1634 What families argued over the boundary between Maryland and Pennsylvania? The Calvert and Penn families What was another source of conflict between the colonies? It was Religion What was the last colony to set up in America………… Georgia

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