Chapter 3 lesson 4

Question Answer
laborer who agrees to work without pay for a certain period of time in exchange for passage to America indentured servants
large area of land that has one owner estate
to control dominate
a list of fundamental laws to support a government constitution
The indigofera plant, often called just indigo, was used to make indigo dye indigo
person or country that owes money debtors
The settlement marked the beginning of English colonization in North America—and of the Virginia Colony. Jamestown
arose from the dream of Sir George Calvert. Maryland
England’s king, gave Calvert a proprietary colony north of Virginia. Charles l
for years the________ families argued over the boundary between Maryland and Pennsylvania. Calvert and Penn
In 1676 _______ led attacks on Native American villages. His army also marched to Jamestown to drive out Berkeley Nathaniel Bacon
In 1663 King Charles ll created a proprietary colony south of Virginia called Carolina—Latin for________ Charles land
founded in 1733, was the last British colony set up in America. Georgia
A young English woman named_________ developed this crop in the 1740s. Indigo, a blue flowering plant, was used to dye cloth. Eliza Lucas
To protect Catholics, the colony established the ______ in 1649. The act ensured Protestants and Catholics the right to worship freely. Act of Tolerance

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