Chapter 3 Lesson 4

Question Answer
laborer who agrees to work without pay for a certain period of time in exchange for passage to America indentured servant
Area of land that has a single owner estate
to control dominated
a list of fundamental laws to support a government constitution
a blue flowering plant, was used to dye cloth. indigo
a person or country that owes money debtors
In the 1640s, Virginia governor William Berkeley made a pledge to ________. Native Americans
Nathaniel Bacon's army also marched to Jamestown to drive out ________. Berkeley
What was the last British colony set up in America? Georgia
When did the first 20 Slaves arrive in Virginia? 1619
In _____ settlers in southern Carolina took control from the proprietors. 1719
In the 1760s, which two men did they hire to map the boundary between Maryland and Pennsylvania? Charles Mason and Jeremiah Dixon
As Virginia grew, settlers moved west and to who's land? The Native Americans
Settlers in southern Carolina took advantage of fertile land and the harbor at _______. Charles Town
When was Georgia founded? 1733

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