Chapter 15 quiz

Question Answer
What is the preferred site for insertion of an arterial catheter for continuous pressure monitoring Radial artery
A patient with which of the following conditions is least likely to need a placement of an indwelling arterial catheter? Pneumonia
Just after an insertion of a radial arterial catheter, you note that the pressure waveform appears dampened. All connecting tubes is secure and free of air. Which of the following actions are appropriate at this time? Reposition the catheter while observing the waveform
The dicrotic norch on the arterial pressure waveform represents closure of which of the following heart valves? Aortic
Which of the following will cause a tall, narrow arterial pressure waveform? A stiff aorta
What change in arterial pressure waveform is normally seen with respirationa??s? Minimal change with inspiration and expiration
CVP is a reflection of which of the following? Right ventricle Filling volume
A patient with which of the following conditions would least likely need a placement of a CVP catheter? Large pleural effusion
The c wave on a CVP waveform represents which of the following? Ventricle contraction
In which of the following conditions would an elevated CVP be expected? Cor pulmonale
What is the normal vAlue of CVP 2 to 6 mmhh
Which of the following causes the CVP to increase Fluid overload
What size catheter is used in an adult to measure pulmonary arterial pressure 8 French
The proximal port of a pulmonary artery catheter can be used for all of the following except: Measuring stroke volume
What is the approximate amount of air require to fill the balloon on a pulmonary arterial catheter 1.5 mL
During insertion of a pulmonary artery catheter when is the balloon inflated? When the catheter enters the superior vena cava and right atrium
What would be consider a Normal value for pulmonary artery pressure? 25/12 mmhg
What clinical conditions is most likely to cause the PAWP to be elevated? Left heart failure
Your patient has a pulmonary artery catheter in place and suddenly starts coughing up bloody sputum. What is the most likely cause? Pulmonary infraction
What complication is most likely to occur during removal of a pulmonary artery catheter? Dysrhythmias

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