Chapter 10 Muslum Culture

Question Answer
What are the five pillars? Faith, alms, prayer, pilgrimage and fasting
Who were the founders of Islam? Abraham and Mahammad
What was the birthplace of Islam? Mecca and Medina
What was their belief in afterlife? Belief in concept of Heaven called paradise and concept of Hell.
What was their concept of the Messiah? Belief Muhammah is the last and greatest prophet. A messiah will come again to bring peace to the world and a belief in Judgement day.
What was Islam's major holiday? Ramadan which is the Holy Day in which Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset to honnor god (Allah).
What were their holy books? Quran and Sharia- a body of law that includes interpretation of the Quran
Who was the leader of religious services? No real leader. A mosque official called a Muezzin or Imam calls the faithful to prayer.
What is a Muslim? A follower of Islam.
What is a Mosque? An Islamic place of warship.
What is the Hajj? A pilgrimage to Mecca preformed by a duty from Muslims.
What did Muslim's call their God? Muslim's called their good Allah.
Why did Muslims consider Christians and Jews "people of the book?" They both have holy books like the Qur'an.
How did Islam spread Arabic culture? As people learned Arabic for warship, they could understand Arabic culture.
How did Muslim's Under the "rightly guided" caliphs treat conquered people? They were tolerant of conquered people.
Why did the Shi'a oppose the rule of the Umayyads? The Umayyads were not Muhammads descedants.
What tied the Abbasid caliphate and the independant Muslim states together? Religion, trade and language
Do you think Muhammad should have appointed a successor. Why or why not? Yes, to maintain unity.
What attracted non-muslims to Islam and islamic culture? Religious teachings, learning and prosperity and status in society.
What does opposition to the luxurious life of the Umayyads suggest about what is important to most mulims? It reveals that spiritual matters are most important.
What is Caliph? A supreme and religious leader un Muslim government.
What was the Emayyahds? A dynasty that ruled the Muslim empire from A.D. 661 to 750 and later established a kingdom in al-andalus
Who were the Sunni's? The branch of Islam whose members acknowledge the first four caliphs as the rightful success.
Who is a Sufi? A muslim who seeks to get in contact with god through mystical means
Who were the Abbasids? A dynasty who controlled most of the Muslim empire
What was Al-andalus? Muslim ruled region in what is now Spain.
Who was Fatima? A member of a Muslim dynasty that traced its ancestry to Muhammad's daughter Fatima and that built an empire in north Africa, Arabia, and syria in the 10th to 12th centuries.

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