chapter 10

Term Definition
Sahel a region of Africa that divides the Sahara desert from wetter areas
savanna an area of open grassland,such as those in southern Africa
griots storytellers who passed on oral tradition,helping to keep history alive for each new generation and were highly respected in their communities
Nok one of the earliest known Africa peoples to practice ironworking
Bantu a group of related languages spoken by early Africa peoples
Ezana king of Aksum who ruled at the time of Aksum's defeat of the rival trading kingdom of kush in 350
Ge'ez the written and spoken language of Aksum
Lalibela Zagwe king who built 11 Christian churches out of solid rock in the 1200s
Swahili language that blended a Bantu language and Arab words,also name of the blended African-Arab culture that developed on East Africa's coast
Sundiata Mali king who led the expansion of the empire to the Atlantic Ocean
Mansa Musa famous ruler who led the Mali empire at its height
Sunni Ali strong military leader of the Songhai Empire, who took control of the former Mali empire
Askia Muhammad Songhai leader who ruled during the golden age of Songhai culture

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