CHAM Certified Health Access Manager Certification Exam

Question Answer
The parts of the process by which patients are referred to a health care provider. Customer and Referral Services (Pre-Encounter)
The review of patients' needs and expectations for service to be provided. Patient Assessment (Pre-Encounter)
The process of creating a registration record for a future INPATIENT service. Pre-Admission (Pre-Admit)
The process of creating a registration record for a future OUTPATIENT service. Pre-Registration
Information necessary to calculate a patient's estimated financial responsibility for an inpatient stay. Average Length of Stay (ALOS); Average cost per day depending on type of service; Average cost of the procedure; DRG or contractual payer allowance; and Daily rate charge by type of room.
A patient's medical record will be maintained for a minimum of _______ years. 10
Legal document allowing someone to appoint another person (called an agent) to make medical decisions for them if unable to do so. Durable Power of Attorney for HealthCare (DPAHC)
Document specifying a patient's medical treatment preference Living Will
Activated when a patient becomes incapacitated Advanced Directive
Patient Rights Include: Access to Care; Privacy & Confidentiality; Identity; Safety; Information; Communication
Consent given in writing or verbally by the patient (or legal guardian) Actual or Explicitly Expressed
Consent by law when a patient presents unconscious to the Emergency Department Implied Consent by Law
"Consent by Silence" as implied by no objection Implied Consent (In Fact)
Consent given in writing where by a patient acknowledges that they have been informed about the planned procedure including the risks Informed Consent

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