Barrona?s vocab 5

Term Definition
Acrimonious Caustic bitter
Admonish To scold, warn
Clandestine Hidden, secret
Concur Agree
Construe To interpret, infer; make a deduction
Culprit One who commits a crime, one who is guilty
Harassed, mentally confused
Duplicity Double dealing, trickery
Duress Force, coercion
Egregious Outstanding for undesirable quality, remarkably bad
Elicit Extract, draw out
Ethics Moral philosophy, code of principles
Flagrant Notorious, widely and unfavorably known
Impunity Exemption, freedom from punishment
Inane Silly
Inexorable Cannot be moved by persuasion, inflexible
Paucity Shortage
Pernicious Damaging, harmful, causing injury
Rampant Flourishing, widespread
Tolerate To permit, to put up with
Stock in trade The necessary equipment
To take down a peg To humiliate
Pass the buck To refuse to take responsibility
To lionize a person To idolize

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