Antigone, 1st half Prologue and Scene 1 and 2

Question Answer
Who was the brave sister? Antigone
Who is Creon’s son and Antigone’s fiancee? Haimon
Which character brings the bad news to Creon? Sentry
Creon believes without absolute loyalty to him the city will fall into ______________. Anarchy
Who is the fearful sister? Ismene
From Scene 1, line 79, “New dust on the slimy flesh!” refers to the _______ of Polyneices. Burial
After listening to Antigone and Ismene argue, Creon says, “One has just now lost her ______.; the other, it seems, has never had a _____at all.” Scene 2, Line 149-150 Mind
Which brother who fights with Theban army, City of Thebes? Eteocles
The character who brought bad news to Creon was afraid to bring the news. He starts by telling Creon “___ ____ ____ do it. ___ ____ ____ see who did it. …” Scene 1, line 72 I did not
When Creon asks Ismene “Do you confess your share in this crime or deny it?” Scene 2, line 128. Ismene responds, “…I am_____” Guilty
Which brother who fights with Argive army, City of Argive? Polyneices
From Scene 1, lines 129-136, Creon tells the Sentry, “Find that man, bring him here to me, or your death will be the least of your problems.” Creon does not threaten him with death. He threatens him with ______. Torture
In a literary work, what is a character who contrasts with another character to highlight particular qualities of the other character? Foil
Who is the regent who proclaims the edict about the burials? Creon
From Scene 2, line 117, complete this quote “An enemy is an enemy, even_________” Dead
In a literary work, any difficult or perplexing situation or problem is called a ____________. Dilemma
How many gates are their to enter into the City of Thebes? Seven
In Scene 2, Lines 99-100, Antigone says, “All these men here would praise me were their lips not frozen shut with fear of you.” Does she feel she has supporters or is alone in her opinion? Supporters
What does Creon say motivates traitors? Money
From Scene 2, line 117, complete this quote “An enemy is an enemy, even_________” Dead
In the Prologue, Line 48, one reason Ismene gives Antigone for not burying Polyneices is, “the _____ is strong, we must give into the _____.” law
In the Prologue, Line 56, one reason Antigone gives Ismene for burying Polyneices is, “…that this crime is ______. holy
Whose laws does Antigone follow? God
Whose laws does Ismene follow? Man
What threatened to destroy the Ship of State? Storms

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