Aerosol Med Therapy

Question Answer
What are the four main goals of aerosol therapy? Relieve bronchospasm & mucosal edema; thins secretions that are thick/tenacious; humidify respiratory tract; administer drugs.
What are the hazards of aerosol therapy? Bronchospasm, secretion swelling/airway obstruction, cross contamination (esp w/ lvn) & fluid overload (w/ lvn).
How do you treat bronchospasm? A bronchodilator
How do you treat swelling & airway obstruction? Suctioning
What are the 2 jet nebulizers? LVN & SVN
Name the aerosol meds generators. Jet nebulizers, MDI, DPI, SPAG, electric nebulizers (ultrasonic) & specialty nebulizers
Which generator is used to nebulize small doses of aerosolized meds, powered by a pressurized gas source & only 25% of aerosol meds are actually inhaled when in use? SVN; & 1-3 seconds of breath hold enhances med delivery to patient.
Which aerosol generator delivers bland aerosol to the upper airway decreasing chances of edema or humidity deficit? LVN
What is the output of a LVN? 1-2 ml/min
When using a LVN, what do you add for thick secretions? A heater
LVN can be used to administer O2 in what % range? 21% – 100%
What device is used to deliver a specific amount of meds to the lungs in the form of a short burst of aerosolized medicine inhaled by patient & very time concerned/coordinated manner? An MDI
What is used to overcome coordination difficulties & improves the efficacy of MDI by decreasing oral deposition? A spacer
Can a spacer be used to help deliver drugs to a intubated or ventilated patient? YES
Which device is smaller than a MDI, uses meds in powder form, does not require a propellant & coordination isna??t as important? A dry powder inhaler (DPI)
(T/F) a DPI is a pre-metered device that needs to be loaded w/ meds prior to each use, device-metered has set # of doses in device & its patient activated. True
What does SPAG stand for? Small particle aerosol generator
Which nebulizer is specifically designed to deliver Ribavirin for treating respiratory syncytial virus? SPAG
What is another name for electric nebulizers? Ultrasonic nebulizer
Does a piezoelectric quality assist with transduction of electrical energy being changed to mechanical vibrational energy? Yes
Which nebulizer has the highest aerosol output w/o heating & is recommended for patients w/ thick secretions? Electric/Ultrasonic
Name the specialty nebulizers Respigard, Heart, AeronebPro & AeroEclipse
Which specialty nebulizer is used to deliver aerosolized Pentamidine due to a series of one way valves & filter to minimize release of aerosol droplets into the air? Respigard
Pentamidine isethionate; a anti-microbial agent is a treatment of? Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia
What are a??Hearta?? nebulizers used for? Continuous bronchodilator treatment.
Which specialty nebulizer is the 1st major technological advanced nebulizer for patients requiring aerosolized therapy while on a ventilator? AeronebPro
Which specialty nebulizer creates aerosol in response to inhalation which causes greater dose consistency & less wasted meds? AeroEclipse
Prior to aerosol meds delivery, whata??s required of RT? Verify order for type of meds to administer, dosage & frequency; give Mucolytic w/ bronchodilator & gather device supplies.
Mucolytic must be given w/ A bronchodilator
Name the jet aerosol delivery devices Mask, trach collar, Briggs adaptor & ventilator
How are meds administered to mechanically ventilated patients? By MDI w/ a chamber style spacer or a SVN places w/n the inspiratory limb of the ventilator circuit.
Explain assessment while meds being administered. Get patients HR, RR, breath sounds & peak flow (if indicated) before & after treatment is given AND HR midway through treatment!
What info needs to be charted after treatment? Time, date, pre & post assessments, tolerance, adverse reactions, patients education & secretions (color, consistency, quantity).

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