8th gr Science Ch 5 8th Grade Science, Chapter 5 Vocab

Question Answer
Weather The condition of Earth's atmosphere at a particular time and place,
Climate Climate is the long term pattern of weather in an area.
Tropical Zone The area near the equator between 23.5 degrees North latitude and 23.5 degrees South latitude.
Polar Zone The areas near both poles (North and South) from 66.5 degrees to 90 degrees North latitude and 66.5 degrees to 90 degrees South latitudes
Temperate Zone The area between the tropical and polar zones.
Marine Climate The climate of some coastal regions with relatively warm winters and cool summers
Continental Climate The climate of the centers of the continents with cold winters and warm/hot summers. (Indiana)
Monsoon Sea or land breeze over a large region that changes direction with the seasons.
Ice Age Times in Earth's history during which glaciers covered large parts of the surface.
Aerosol Solid particles or liquid droplets in the atmosphere.
Sunspot Relatively dark, cool regions on the surface of the sun.
Greenhouse Gases Gases in the atmosphere that trap energy.
Fossil Fuels Coal, oil, or natural gas that forms over million of years from remains of organisms. Fossil Fuels are burned to release energy.
Global Warming A gradual increase in the average temperature of the atmosphere.

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