6th LA-Drive In 6th grade LA – The Drive In Movies / The Market Stray Dog

Term Definition
Tells a true or imagined story Narrator
The perspective a story is told from Point of View
Narrator takes part in the action of the story. Reader only sees, hears, and knows what the narrator knows. First Person
Narrator is not taking part in the actions of the story Third Person
Many first person true stories are about the Authors Life
Ideas about that is likely to happen next Predictions
Make predications based on the Details in the story & prior knowledge and experiences
Predictions as courted and learn new details Revise
Gives specific information, are definite statements,can be proven, often contain numbers, dates or ages, can be proven Facts
Judgements, tells what people think, feel or believe and cannot be proven Opinions
Who is the narrator in The Drive In Movies Gary
Drive In Movies is from this point of view First Person
First Person Pronouns I, me, we, us
Third Person Pronouns He, she, they
Waxing the car is a 2 person job. Who helps Gary? Rick
The narrator wants to go to the movies, he is being Extra Helpful
Who appreciates the children's work? Even if it's not perfect Mom
First Person narrator doesn't know what other people Think or feel

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