6 WB topic 6 6 implements TOOLS + EQUIPMENT Hones and Strops TOP[C 6+7

Question Answer
Two vital accessories used with conventional straight razors are the _____ and the _____ hone strop
A _______is made of leather and canvas. strop
A hone is an ____ _____ that has the ability to cut steel. abrasive material
________ hones consist of both a water hone and a synthetic hone Combination
The _________ hone is a slow-cutting hone. water
The Swaty hone and the carborundum hone are types of _______ hones synthetic
Hones are designed to _______ the edge of a razor into a sharp cutting edge; strops are used to smooth and _____ the razor. grind polish
Strops are categorized as French or German, canvas, cowhide, ______ or imitation leather. horsehide
___ strop is made of linen or silk. Canvas
____ ____ strop not satisfactory for barbershop use. imitation leather
______ _____ cleans the leather strop, preserves its finish, and improves its draw and sharpening qualities Strop dressing
When honing a razor, the strokes must be even in ____ ______and ______ on both sides of the blade number pressure angle
A honed razor should never be used for shaving without first being _______ stropped
The direction of the razor used in stropping is the _______ of the direction used in honing. reverse
A properly stropped razor will have a sharp ____ ____when passed over a moistened thumb; a ____edge does not produce a drawing sensation. drawing sensation dull
_____ ______ is an appliance used in shaving services Electric latherizer
A ___-____is used to dry and style hair. blow-dryer
_____ _____ ____and combs use heat to curl or straighten hair. Thermal curling irons
______ ______ and massagers are used in massage services. Electric vibrators
________ _______ introduces water-soluble products into skin Galvanic machine
______ ________ machines are used with glass electrodes High-frequency

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