6: WB topic 4 Chapter 6: Implements, Tools, and Equipment topic 4&5

Term Definition
Trimmers are also known as (____) or (____) and are essential for finish and detail work (edgers) (outliners)
Some factors that should be considered when purchasing a clipper are (function) , (style) , _____ _____ and_____ , (weight) , (contour) , (speed)
Some clippers have a detachable blade system, while others have an ______ blade adjustable
The rotary motor clipper is also known as the (_____) motor clipper (universal)
The universal motor clipper has (_____) clipper blades. (detachable)
_______ motor clippers are twice as powerful as magnetic motor clippers (Pivot)
The blades are pulled both ways in a _____ ______clipper pivot motor
Pivot motor clippers have an (_____) blade controlled by a (_______) (adjustable) (lever)
_______ or ____________ clippers operate by means of an alternating spring and magnet mechanism Vibratory magnetic
. Magnetic motor clippers run ______ than rotary motor clippers and usually have ____ ____ blade faster adjustable clipper
. Never adjust clipper or trimmer blades ______ to each other flush
_________ clippers are designed to rest in a recharging unit. Cordless
Clipper ______ are usually made of high-quality carbon steel and are available in a variety of styles and sizes blades
Clipper (guards) are most often made of ______ or _____ ______ plastic hard rubber
There are two types of straight razors: the (____) -blade straight razor and the (________) straight razor changeable conventional
The conventional straight razor requires _____ ___ _____to maintain its cutting edge (honing) and (stropping)
The (________) -blade straight razor eliminates honing and stropping, saves time, is usually lighter, and helps to maintain sanitation standards (changeable)
The _______ straight razor is made of a hardened steel blade attached to a handle by means of a pivot. conventional
To determine the quality of a razor, the following factors must be considered: razor (balance) , (temper) , (grind) _____ _____ ___ _____ (finnish) , (size) , and (style
____ _____ is the shape of the blade after grinding it. Razor grind
______ ______ refers to weight and length of blade relative to handle Razor balance
_____ ______ refers to the polish of the razor surface Razor finish
_____ ____ refers to length and width of the blade Razor size
___ ___ refers to shape and design Razor style
_______ _____involves a special heat treatment Razor temper

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