4.4 the new south reconstruction of the south

Crop-lien system it helped the sharecroppers to work their way out of poverty or to gain independence.
poll taxes it help the African American taxes imposed on every voter
literacy tests Tests that barred those who could not read from voting
Segregation to keep black and white separated.
Who is Madame C. J. Walker She was the first African American women that was a millionaire. She start a business with a 1.50 and made her own hair conditioner for African American women.
Jim Crow Laws They couldn't use the same schools,churches,vehicle,water fountain, or bathroom,
Provide 3 or more real signs that are representative of the Jim Crow Laws the plessy v. Ferguson case pulltex, literacy.
Describe the court case Plessy v. Ferguson Plessy v Ferguson went to court because the white were being unfair they would not let him ride the same vehicle
How did the Jim Crow Laws and the Plessy v. Ferguson case affect African Americans in the South? It remind the African American about how they were being treated
Sharecropping under this system a farmer worked a parcel of land in return for a share of the crop,a cadin,seeds,tools, and mules and allowed farmer to work on their land when they did not have the money to pay for laborers.

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