4.3 reconstruction 4.3 reconstrucrion

Question Answer
Carpetbaggers This is what the Southerners had called the white Northerners
Scalawags This is what the Confederates had called the Union whites they were known as betrayers of their country
Enforcement acts This was a few laws that gave the federal government power over combat terrorism with military force and to prosecute the guilty
Redeemers People of white controlled governments that redeem against the Republicans for their states
Ku klux klan This was a group of angry white Southerners that had been terrorists.
Panic of 1873 This was a big economic depression that had swept the nation
Cvil rights act of 1875 This protected the African Americans from businesses discriminating them
Samuel J. Tilden This was a Democrat that had run a presidential election against Rutherford B. Hayes
Rutherford B Hayes This was a Republican from Ohio that had vowed to win the presidential election against Samuel
Compromise of 1877 This was made by Republicans and southern Democrats so that the Democrat would keep Rutherford the president so that they could defuse the crisis
How did reconstruction effect the lives of African Americans The African Americans thought that it gave them further hope for the equal citizenship.
What groups formed a Republican alliance in the south during the reconstruction The southern reedemers
How did congress respond to violence against African Americans Congress had
What historical era came to end in 1877 Federal protection of the reconstruction ended.

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