3.08 Sem vocab

Term Definition
primary circulation The total number of copies of print media sold.
secondary circulation The number of people who read a publication but do not actually purchase it
position A variable that gives your location relative to an origin.
zoning dividing an area into zones or sections reserved for different purposes such as residence and business and manufacturing etc
flat rates A standard newspaper advertising rate where no discounts are offered for large-quantity or repeated space buys
sliding-scale rates Which of the following decreases the costs to a business of using newspaper advertising:
combination rates A special space rate or discount offered for advertising in two or more periodicals.
delivered circulation # of copies actually circulated
guaranteed circulation number of copies the publisher expects to circulate
bleed pages Magazine advertisements where the printed area extends to the edge of the page, eliminating any white margin or border around the ad
gatefolds enable an advertiser to make a striking presentation by using a third page that folds out and gives the ad an extra-large spread
spreads a screen-oriented interactive program enabling a user to lay out financial data on the screen
rating A measurement task that requires respondents to estimate the magnitude of a characteristic or quality that a brand, store or object possesses
gross rating points reach x frequency
run-of-schedule air time Airing time of a commercial on a radio or TV left to the discretion of the station. Its broadcast at a specific moment (time slot) or during a particular program usually requires payment of a premium. In print media, it is called run of press
cost per thousand How much a company pays you for every 1000 times ad is displayed
cost per gross rating point the cost to deliver the equivalent of one rating point of a specific audience segment with a specific media schedule or media vehicle
movable billboard 3.08 Which of the following media vehicles might a sport/event marketer choose to promote a celebrity baseball game to many people throughout a metropolitan area:
advertising package all advertisements proposed to be exhibited on, or in relation to, a large development
visibility Illuminating the stage so the audience can see what is happening
volume discount a lower price for making a large purchase
circulation Average number of the copies of a publication distributed in a standard period such as day, week, or month.

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